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OLYMPUS FITAPP is a fast-growing startup offering fitness options with personal trainers. It was named after Mount Olympus, where the Gods of Greek Mythology used to dwell. We designed OLYMPUS FITAPP to help individuals of any lifestyle become active and joyful. We encourage people to set fitness goals and achieve them with the guidance of a personal trainer. Our trainers tailor your fitness program to your needs!


OLYMPUS FITAPP is a smartphone app that enables you to request a personal trainer whenever and wherever you want. OLYMPUS FITAPP is convenient, reliable, safe, and efficient. Chat with your chosen trainer on your iPhone and arrange the place and time. Payment is cashless to purchase your package. Once you train, complete the session on your smartphone to keep track of your package.


Connect with your favorite trainer, define your goals, and schedule your training sessions at a time and place that suits you best.


Discover detailed profiles of your personal trainers and easily monitor your training sessions to stay on top of your fitness journey.


Securely purchase your package using your preferred payment method, hassle-free.


Find a trainer within minutes, wherever you are, using our fast and intuitive platform.

Get the OLYMPUS FITAPP on your iphone.

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