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Sign up with your email and password.                     

You will recieve an email with your verification code (check inbox or junk emails) Add it on the app to get access on OLYMPUS FITAPP

Once you sign up complete the ‘FORM 10 ‘ and add your details on ‘EDIT PROFILE’.We will check your information and cross your qualifications/ insurance and CV if they are valid and authentic.You will recieve an email that your account is under review.

To verify your account check your (inbox or junk email)to find the verification code.Add it on the app and get access on OLYMPUS FITAPP

If you havent register with us yet : Once you sign up complete the ‘FORM 10 ‘ and add your details on ‘EDIT PROFILE’. We will check your information and cross your qualifications/insurance and CV if they are valid and authentic.You will recieve an email that your account is under review.

Our team is currently evaluating your documents, and your account will be approved or declined based on the validity and authenticity of the submitted materials.

Once we send you an email confirming that your profile is active, you will have full access to the platform, allowing you to add your packages and become visible to the public.

Olympus personal trainer’s organization

To ensure that you stay in the app must:

  • Include all your current clients in your folder
  • Keep your client information organized
  • Always follow the 24hour cancellation
  • Keep the privacy of your clients details

Olympus personal trainer’s appearance


  • Keep your hair and facial hair neatly trimmed
  • Make sure you smell clean and fresh
  • Keep your clothes clean.
  • No jewelery excelling rings and stud earrings
  • Keep your fingernails clean and neatly trimmed


  • Keep your hair tied back neatly off your face
  • Make sure you smell clean and fresh
  • Keep your clothes clean.
  • Minimal hand and wrist jewelery only.
  • No dangling earring or neck jewelery

Olympus personal trainer’s behavior

In general we want to see that you are:

  • A true fitness enthusiast at work and at play.
  • Genuinely enthusiastic about Personal training.
  • Interested in continual learning and development.
  • Passionate, inspirational for your clients.
  • Able to add value by getting results and going the extra mile!
  • Professional, courteous and cheerful – even in the morning!
  • Approachable, friendly and helpful to all clients.

On a personal level, we want to see that you are:

  • Always on time for your personal training sessions.
  • Always 100% focused on your clients. 
  • Conscious of displaying positive, open and engaging body language.
  • A great organizer. 
  • Discreet with your smart phone only using in relation to your current session.

Always having a good day!

(A) This is a transparent platform where you can promote your personal training services creating packages and the same price will be shown to the client. (*Minimum service charge will be added in your package price that includes the email & payment charges taken by third party on the purchase)
(i) This way, you can draw in clients independently, eliminating the need for us to directly participate in your business operations. (No subscription fees required.) We receive a 20% commission from each package you sell, along with minimal transaction fees.
(ii) You won’t get limited salary per calendar month-you will earn as much as you want, there is no limit on number of packages you are selling, no limit on number of session you are delivering per day.

(B) This is open & trustworthy platform.
(i) We allow your clients contact you via the live chat funtionality.

(i) We allow your clients to connect with you on social media so they can see your profiles, build trust and would love to workout with you.
(iii) We check your qualifications & experience document and provide you assurance badge so that client get assurance that they are being trained by well experienced trainer.
(iv) We check your insurance validation of your liability insurance so consider your needs as an individual trainer or small business owner. General Liability insures against third party claims such as bodily injury, personal injury and property damage.
(v) We will take care of the payment. Be releif about the payments. You will be paid for each and every session you provide to a client.
(vi) Rating system of OLYMPUS FITAPP would keep your profile updated and increase trust in clients.

Absolutely you can. On the menu tap on ‘My Statistics’ and you will find all your activity for the current  month.

Simply on your profile screen tap on ‘Add package’ then add the title,price,duration of session and the description of your training package and then submit.

After each completed training package, clients will have the opportunity to share their feedback by writing a review and giving you a rating on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. This process will contribute to the development of your reputation as a skilled trainer within our platform, enhancing your ability to draw in prospective clients. Always keep in mind the importance of consistently providing excellent service!

Potential clients can find you either by location or by applying filters that align with their preferences. Ensure that you include your packages and profile description for their consideration. This should encompass details such as your training locations (Gym, Studio, Park) and your availability.

Yes. Trainers who are still employees subject to contractual or membership restrictions regarding personal training within their company can utilize the OLYMPUS FITAPP to connect with potential new clients. Through this platform, they can direct these clients to their employer’s company for training.

Don’t forget OLYMPUS FITAPP platform is built to help you with your personal business!

The “Share My Location” functionality allows trainers or clients to divulge their current geographical coordinates to select individuals within their close circle, typically friends or family members. This feature is designed to enhance the sense of security for users by enabling them to share their whereabouts with trusted contacts.

You have the potential to earn as much as you desire. Simply tap into the circle displaying your monthly income to monitor your total annual earnings or track earnings for each month individually. Furthermore, on the main Statistics screen , you’ll discover details regarding your active clients, completed sessions, rating level, availability, notifications, and profile options. Additionally, OLYMPUS FITAPP provides a daily graph to visualize your progress in training sessions.

This is exactly what every trainer needs – the ultimate service to elevate your personal training business. With your premium subscription, unlock exclusive advantages including heightened profile visibility to attract potential clients in your area, the freedom to select your preferred payment week, generous discounts of up to 20% on our products, an ad-free app offering a seamless experience, and early access to exciting new features. Dive deeper into these benefits and more on our website for further details.

The price is £18.99 per month, or you can save by choosing the annual plan for £99.99.


The option can be found in the side menu, right beside your name.The enabling the “Away” mode indicates that you are currently unavailable for clients. Remember to update your Availability calendar accordingly and communicate with your clients to ensure they are informed of your status.

Trainers enjoy free membership on our OLYMPUS FITAPP platform. Service fees cover administrative costs for clients, while trainers pay a 20% commission on completed transactions. Payments are secure and prompt. Terms may change, with non-compliance leading to membership termination. All activities adhere to United Kingdom’s laws. By using the platform, trainers agree to these terms

On the 1st day of each calendar month, you will receive the total income amount as displayed on the ‘My Statistics’ screen for the sessions you have conducted. If you navigate to the menu and select ‘My Statistics’, you can view your expected earnings for the current month. Please be aware that a 20% deduction is applied to the total income for every package

You will have to add your Bank Details in the app so we can be able to pay you.
Name of the person holding the account,six-digit sort code of the account we are paying.Eight-digit account number of your account and your address. 
A payment reference will be (example. ”OLYMPUS-JAN23” ) which can normally be found on the payment details of your bank statement.
If you tap on ‘Settings’ on the menu you can see the ‘Bank Details’ option.
For any enquiries contact us on support@olympusfitapp.com.

Tap “No Show” to receive payment if the session is cancelled before the specified time:

Time of Cancellation

Charges percentage

If the Client taps ‘No Show’ less than 7 hours before the session.


If the Client taps ”No Show” Between 7 to 15 Hours before the session


If the Client taps ”No Show” 15 Hours and Up before the session

no charge

If you believe your friends and family could benefit from using OLYMPUS FITAPP, you can easily refer them by tapping the ‘Refer a friend’ option in the menu at the bottom right side. It’s always a joy to assist people within our community. Additionally, there’s a reward for referring trainers.

When you deactivate your OLYMPUS FITAPP account, your profile and packages won’t be visible on OLYMPUS FITAPP anymore.If you would like to deactivate your account just email us on support@olympusfitapp.com.

We locked your OLYMPUS FITAPP account because we determined that it violated the OLYMPUS FITAPP policy.
To unlock your account, you must contact us on support@olympusfitapp.com to arrange a call with you.

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