OLYMPUS FITAPP has been developed by trainers to connect you with the best and most experienced trainers in your area. Traditionally, trainers and clients have been dependent on local gyms to get connected. Clients are required to become members of the gym, while trainers often have to pay substantial commissions to their gym. This make finding a reliable trainer at the right price can be difficult.That’s why we formed OLYMPUS FITAPP. OLYMPUS FITAPP cuts out the middleman from the process, so you can meet your fitness goals with the best and highly experienced personal trainers with ease and more flexibility.

With OLYMPUS FITAPP, you are in full control

  • Search for personal trainers in your area
  • Filter based on your goals and preferences
  • Review profiles, ratings and packages offered
  • Contact trainers directly for details or to get started!
  • Workout at home, office, at the gym or park

 Currently the service is available in London

  • Find trustworthy and qualified professional personal trainers.
  • Free app.
  • No fixed contracts.
  • Functionality to share the exact training location in order to ensure client safety.
  • Build up your clients.
  • No commissions.
  • Increase your visibility on the app by using the ‘go premium’ function.
  • Create and promote your own profile through the app.
  • Functionality to share the exact training location in order to ensure trainer safety.

Download the free app today and find your personal trainer.

We are looking for investors high profile and angel investors who wants to invest into technology. Contact us to know more about our project and to provide you with the project plan,pitch,.assumptions and revenue model break-down.Olympus fitness app is an application guide to fitness and health, developed by trainers in London for personal training purposes.The website promotes personal training by incorporating own coaches in a bid to enhance the general fitness of the people of London and the United Kingdom at large.
The personal training app Olympus Fitapp is the solution of finding easy a personal trainer near you and train at the gym,park,home or a studio nearby.The app Olympus fitapp is for free for the clients and for the trainers to download it and use it.Connecting fitness coaches and people is the best combination for keeping a healthy lifestyle.
Promoting for pt’s is the best way to improve their business through this app.
It’s the only fitness app in London that promotes and finding clients for Personal trainers without commissions.
Olympus fitapp keeps the profiles of the personal trainers on the platform for clients-people to be always able to search and find the right fitness coach that suits them.A lot of variety of pt’s in London and soon in all United Kingdom.Trainers they have their own equipment or they will guide you of setup the place you will train depends of your goals and finding the right way to achieve them.Are you ready to change a lifestyle?
If yes then the platform where personal trainers show their prowess as fitness coaches ending up getting more clients via the Olympus fitness app.
Besides, despite delivering the best platform of personal trainers in the United Kingdom, Olympus Fitness app ends up promoting personal training by being a unique and authentic fitapp in London. The prices are regulated as a way of developing personal training among Olympus fitapp clients in London.
Besides, the fitness app is the best platform for pt’s making money by providing outstanding services that advertise their expertise as fitness coaches. In other words, the Olympus Fitness app is an easy and flexible app for our clients to use enabling most of the personal trainers to get more clients. All in all, our clients are treated with great finesse since the Olympus Fitapp provides them with a unique setting. Every day is a day for us to promote personal training to greater heights.