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All began in 2015 while Nikolas starting to realise that are many gaps in the fitness industry and especially of how many people wants to get healthy, physically fit, and self-confident with their body. Having spent many days watching various celebrities working out, promoting their gimmicks, diet fads and celebrity fitness videos, he was well versed on what the world was being told about fitness, and he didn’t like it. As a Certified Personal Trainer, Physical Fitness Specialist and ex athlete he knew there was much more potentials to improve the fitness industry.

After few conversations with some of his clients it came an idea in his mind.The idea was ΄΄why not to create an app that you can find a PT in your area΄΄ this will bring a solution to every PT and to every person who wants to get fit, lose weight or gain muscle!

So he started to develop a platform for having all the most elite personal trainers of London and more cities to be available for everyone who is around! All the trainers teaching the right exercise technique that would reshape, redesign and re-strengthen the body with minimal joint stress. A reason of keeping fit is that poor physical shape is the first negative step toward emotional failures and he wanted to assure that his students were going to feel better and look better in a short period of time by exercising properly.

Nikolas believed in his idea and was determined to be successful. Armed with faith and confidence in his platform, he drummed up his last spark of passion and drive, and went to find out what it would take to make a platform in fitness where everyone could promote his one-on-one approach.

My devotion to helping others combined with my dynamic personality, energy and with my client’s results want to make OLYMPUS FITAPP the best platform in the world

Nikolas - Founder


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